When will my invoices get paid?

After your invoice has been sent over to our team and approved the payment should be made with 48 hours of approval. Please submit your invoices with a 3-7 days before due-date to ensure enough time to process the payment.

Typical wire transaction time-line:

Domestic wires/ACH: approximately 0-2 business days
For international wires: approximately 0-3 business days

What are the methods used?

Depending on your package, our organic methods include:

  • Integrating current trends with your marketing
  • Visually stunning photos, videos and 3D cotent
  • Quizzes, interviews and other content to build interactions
  • Powerlikes and Comments which come from real viral/verified users, that help rank your posts
  • Content Management, Hashtag Research, Scheduling for consistent organic growth strategy
  • Ads Management, as Facebook Agency Partners, we get the best price per click for our clients