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How it Works

  • 01Tell us about your company, monthly revenue and ad performance.
  • 02We will then give you 3 funding offers; ranging from $5k-$250k.
  • 03From the multiple options you get to choose what works best for you.
  • 04Get the money deposited in your company account and cover your business needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Growth Capital for Cannabis & CBD companies?

Growth capital allows businesses to access funding to cover expenses for revenue-generating business activities such as; cannabis media buying, paying freelancers, buying a dispensary, public relations, and other services your company needs to grow. Natural Mystic helps Cannabis and CBD companies achieve rapid expansion and high returns by providing the capital necessary for growth.

Growth capital is a type of investment that is typically used to finance the expansion of an existing business. This can include funding for new product development, expansion into new markets, or the acquisition of other companies.










How does the application process work?

  1. Tell us about your company and needs
  2. Our team reviews your application and meets with you within 48 hours with a quote.
  3. Upon approval, you will be able to send your invoices for approval for payment.
  4. Once your invoices are approved you can have us pay the invoice or request the money.
  5. You will receive a repayment schedule.
  6. Pay your invoices and build your reputation with us.


How much funding am I able to recieve?

Your funding options are based on your sales, business history and ability to repay. Our funding usually ranges from $5000-$250,000.

As you develop a relationship with us you will be able to grow your relationship and funding options.

Are they any fees?

As with any loan there is a cost for access to capital. You will be informed after your application and your invoices has been submitted for approval.

How does growth capital work?

You will be able to submit invoices related to your business that our team will review for approval. If your invoice is approved you will recieve a time-line for repayment.

When will my invoices get paid?

After your invoice has been sent over to our team and approved the payment should be made with 48 hours of approval. Please submit your invoices with a 3-7 days before due-date to ensure enough time to process the payment.

Typical wire transaction time-line:

Domestic wires/ACH: approximately 0-2 business days
For international wires: approximately 0-3 business days

What type of invoices and business expenses you fund?

We primarily fund invoices for ad campaigns, logistics, professional services, payroll, and other revenue generation activities. You will be able to talk with our team to find out more after you have submitted your application.

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